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Reality VR Studio

  • Efficient Experience Space Using the Characteristics of VR Experience


  • Duration: Throughout the year
  • Venue: 2F Cultural Center
  • Seokuram VR 석굴암인터랙티브VR
    • Digital Heritage VR Content for viewing Seokguram that is currently not allowed to enter while walking in virtual reality
      • Genre: Digital Cultural Heritage Experience + Walking Interaction
      • Time required: 10minutes
  • 석굴암시네마틱VR
  • Video VR 석굴암시네마틱VR
    • Digital Heritage Cinematic VR, which can be enjoyed by peopleof all ages with high immersion, as well as convenient experience through video VR
      • Genre: Digital Heritage Experience
      • Time required: 5~7 minutes
  • 석굴암시네마틱VR
  • VR game zone VR게임체험존
    • Zombie City
    • VR FPS game defeating zombies take over the city
      Shooting various zombies appearing in five stages for a limited time
      • Genre: FPS game
      • Time required: 5 minutes
    • Battle Seeker
    • A thrilling VR match in the robot lab!
      A VR battle game in which the player chooses the weapon and competes with the opponent in every round.
      • Genre: Dortus fighting game
      • Time required: 10 minutes
  • Albatross Flying VR VR게임체험존
    • Mission Rescue
    • Flying VR content that uses controller to fly through virtual spaces such as the sea, future cities, space, and rescue the lost space station
      • Genre: flying VR game
      • Time required: 10 minutes
  • Fear Rise VR게임체험존
    • Fear Rise
    • Experience the fear on top of buildings VR content carry out dizzying missions between high-rise buildings
      • Genre: VR experience dizzying heights
      • Time required: 5 ~ 7 minutes
  • Virtual Studio VR게임체험존