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Infinity Flying

공연ㆍ재미있는 예술공연ㆍ플라잉 화랑원정대 신라 화랑이 도망간 도깨비를 잡기 위해 현대의 고등학교로 시간이동하며 벌어지는 헤프닝을 다룬 유쾌한 넌버벌 퍼포먼스(무언어 퓨전 예술극)입니다.

The best technologies such as 3D image, hologram and robot are using to make fantasy effects, onstage performance and images combined


  • Period : April 1, 2021 ~ December 31, 2021
  • Showtime : 14:30
  • Venue : Gyeongju Expo Park Cultural Center Munmu Hall
  • Running time : 80 minutes minutes (no Intermission)
  • Inquiry&Booking : Flying(054-775-0815)

Viewing Points

  • Episode 1 : 3D effect achieved by rotating an actor 360 degrees on the robot arm
  • Episode 2 : Extends the stage-only flying to the audience seats.
  • Episode 3 : Maximize fantasy effects by combining 3D image mapping and holographic technology