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Timeless Media Art

  • Media Art with the motif of Gyeongju and UNESCO World Heritage
  • Arose interest therough interactive midea art
  • A space promote the status of Gyeongju, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and sympathizes it worth preserving


  • Period: Throughout the year
  • Venue: Cheonma Palace


  • 전시공간구성
  • Information Desk
    • 세부연축계획
    • A space for introduction to each installation and provision of operational marketing services to the visitors waiting in line.
  • Standing at the Border : Cheomseongdae Observatory
    • Adventures to new places along the Starlight, which changes as the universe runs with the motif of Cheomseongdae 첨성대
  • Bringing back the Golden Glory : Gold Crown from Cheonmachong Tomb
    • The room of gold, the world covered with gold
    • The room motifed by a glorious golden country 천마총금관
  • Talking with the Stars : Seokguram
    • The beginning and completion of Seokguram, shows the climax of Silla art soul with scientific architectural technique and delicate sculpture, is shown as a complex media art. 석굴암
  • Coming across an Oasis : Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond
    • Along the desert and oasis of the Silk Road, where Gyeongju was the starting point, beautiful starlight and moonlight pouring through sculptures and wave lights. 동궁과 월지
  • Dreaming in the Evening Sky : Sacred Bell of Great King Seongdeok
    • With the motif of the Sacred Bell of Great King Seongdeok, you will enjoy the splendid feast of light with stereoscopic sound선덕대왕신종
  • Facing Iron Will : Hwarang and Stone Tablet with Inscription of Oath of the Imsin Year
    • The Silhouette shows 'Stone Tablet with Inscription of Oath of the Imsin Year' and martial arts training, which promise loyalty and academic performance to the kingdom of Silla Hwarangs who lead the unification of the three kingdoms. 동궁과 월지
  • Recording Time : Samguk sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms) Samguk yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms)
    • The room where the flower becomes me and I become the flower.
    • The brilliantness of 'Millennium Kingdom' blooms in the background of the Samguk Yusa and the Samguk Sagi typography, which recorded the glory of Silla. 심국사기,삼국유사
  • Remembering Gyeongju
    • A room that remembers the rooms that have passed so far 경주를 기억하다
  • Sharing Together
    • A photo zone with background images of the Timeless Media Art exhibition.
    • Key messages of this exhibition are expressed as hashtags of social media. 영상,포토존