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Into the Silla

  • Looking at the past millennium and the future millennium at Gyeongju Tower
  • Two-way multi-video along the journey of the thousand years of Silla
  • Space where people feel like stay in space, communicate and walk through the streets of the past city


  • Period: Throughout the year
  • Venue: Gyeongju Tower
  • Exhibition flow
    • Tower Entrance (Present → Past): Meet Silla
    • Observatory 2nd Floor (Past → Present): Feel History
    • Observatory 1st Floor (Now): Enjoy the Culture
    • Link with elevator going down (Present → Future): Reveal the Future

구성 및 내용

  • Tower Entrance (Present→Past) : Meet Silla
  • 타워입구,엘리베이터홀
  • Observation 2nd floor (Seondeok Hall)
    • Move to the brilliant Silla period and watch the fantastic and mysterious video (every 20 minutes)
  • Observatory 1st Floor (Now): Enjoy the Culture
    • AR Diorama of Royal capital of Silla
  • 프로젝션,AR,카페선덕여왕