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Healing Trail, Lumina Night Walk

Experience and Participation
  • 루미나 나이트 워크, 낮: 휴식과 체험이 있는 맨발둘레길, 밤: 신화와 전설의 체험_빛 속에 파묻히다
  • The theme-based barefoot-only road! An experiential road with a pleasant story to walk through the forest using idle site
  • Walking along a gentle slope in the forest with colorful images and holograms


    • Day: Healing Trail
    • Night: Lumina Night Walk
  • Period: Throughout the year
  • Venue: Hwarang Forest

Composition and content

  • Course : approximately 2km

Day: Healing Trail

  • Rest space, foot bath
  • Barefoot road with theme of 8 colors of Gyeongju
신라를 담은 별

Night: Lumina Night Walk

신라를 담은 별

Ticket Office

신라를 담은 별
  • Operation hour: After sunset ~ 22:00(entrance closed at 21:00)

1. Night of Gyeongju:"Catpet of Light leading to Night of Gyeongju"

신라를 담은 별

2. Star from Silla: The beginning of the story of Silla, which is told by the sixth star of the Big Dipper

신라를 담은 별

3. This world - Silla at crisis:“The birth of Chacha and Silla at crisis”

신라를 담은 별

4. The middle world - Encountering and Journey

신라를 담은 별신라를 담은 별

5. Lower world: “The pain of a fierce battle lit up the light and the peace restored”

신라를 담은 별

6. Night of Gyeongju, Night of Silla: A story of six stars and a nightscape of Gyeongju

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