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Istanbul Promotion Hall

  • 전시ㆍ이스탄불 홍보관ㆍ이스탄불시와의 문화교류에 상징입나다.

Visitors to the exhibition hall can learn about Istanbul, Turkey, where the East and the West meet and where a brilliant culture blossomed. The pavilion highlights Istanbul's history of 8500 years and its representative monuments.

※ Installed in Istanbul city during the Silk Road Gyeongju 2015 event

Exhibition Overview

  • Period: Throughout the year
  • Venue: Cheonma Square 204㎡ (62 pyeong)

Exhibition Composition

  • Concept: Travel through Istanbul on a cruise
  • Composition: Intro Departing to Istanbul – Explore the landscape from the Bosporus Strait & Enter a landscape – Listen to old story - Gyeongju and Istanbul & Epilogue