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Asadal Scuplture Park

  • 영상 및 조명ㆍ3D애니메이션 첨성대영상관 1일 8회 상영합니다.


  • Period : Throughout the year
  • Venue : Asadal Sculpture Park

Works (artists)

  • Yin/Yang 98 (Kim Gu-rim)
  • Talented People (Kim Seong-soo)
  • Light, Circulation, Sound (Kim Cheong-jeong)
  • Leap-21 Century (Kim Hyeong-tae)
  • The Millennium and Another Thousand Years (Kim Hui-seong)
  • Enemy 98 (Park Seok-won)
  • Lifestyles (Park Sang-sook)
  • A single root (Seon Gyu-ho)
  • The Gate of Wisdom Springs from the Earth (Sin Ok-ju)
  • Metaphor (Sim Moon-seop)
  • Light of the East (Sim Jae-hyeon)
  • Bell and gate (Eom Tae-gyeong)
  • From the island – 98150 (Lee Gang-so)
  • Origin (Lee Chang-gui)
  • Untitled (Lee Tae-hyeon)
  • Reincarnation of the Pegasus (Jeon Jong-cheol)
  • Structurally (Jeong Eun-gi)
  • Messenger (Jo Seong-mok)