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Rental inquiries


Please download and fill out the application form.Facility rental inquiries : 054-740-3061Application form

Fees for event space and facility use

1. Basic Facilities Fee (Unit: KRW, VAT excluded)
Facility nameClassificationUnitFee for use(tax excluded)Photo of site
Cultural Center(exhibition room)1st floor(529㎡)Per day264,000문화센터(전시실)
2nd floor (985㎡)Per day239,000문화센터(전시실)
Baekgyeol Performance Stage(outdoor, roof installation)1,800 seats (3,269㎡)Per day484,000백결공연장(야외)
Preparation and dismantlingin the morning48,000백결공연장(야외)
in the afternoon96,000
at night145,000
Cheonma Square3,080㎡Per day1㎡ X 600천마광장
Seondeok Square 1,026㎡Per day1㎡ X 500선덕광장
Hwarang Theater5,000㎡Per day1㎡ X 300화랑광장
Other sitesPer day1㎡ X 220

※ Electricity and water charges are separate

2. Additional facility usage fees (unit: KRW, excluding VAT)
Facility nameStandardFee for useRemarks
StagePiano Per time 100,000※ The renter is responsible for all tuning fees
Wing flooring 3.3㎡5,000
SoundWireless microphoneper day 20,000 / per item
Wired microphoneper day 10,000 / per item
Individual monitor speakers per day 20,000
Wireless intercom per day300,000
Videobeam projector (performance hall) per day 30,000
LightingFollow Spotlight per day50,000 / per item
Moving lightper day50,000 / per item
Ellipsoid lightper day5,000/per item
OtherPlano convex spot lightper day 5,000 / per item
Fog machine per day 30,000/per item