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RegularGroupSpecial offer
RegularAdult 12,000 KRW
Children 10,000 KRW
  • Adult: 19 ~ 64 years old
  • Child: 36 months ~ 18 years old
  • Group : More than 20 locals or more than 10 foreigners (Enter at the same time)
    Special offer : people with level 4 disability and below, Active duty soldiers below, Active duty soldiders below the rankof sergeant, North Korean defectors,
    Multi-cultural family, Family with 3 or more kids(junior highschool students or younger
Group/Special offerAdult 10,000 KRW
Children 8,000 KRW
Student Group5,000 KRWGroup from school,kindergarten, daycare center
Senior3,000 KRW65years old or older
Annual Pass25,000 KRWPeriod of use : 1 year from the data of purchase
Flying package
Expo+infinity FLYing
Adult 30,000 KRW
Child 23,000 KRW
Adult 24,000 KRW
Child 18,000 KRW
18,000 KRW Special offer : 65years old or older, disabled,Gyongbuk residents ※Showtime : 14:30 every Tuesday~Sunday
Tobot package
Expo+Tobot story museum
13,000 KRWFree : under 24 months old
  • Notice
    • For maintenance or inspection, some facilities may be restricted.
  • Free Admission
    • infants under 36months (For the group under 36 months (For the group under 36 months old : Discounted price applied)
    • people with level 1-3 disability (including one guardian), National merit recipients(incliding one companion)
    • Basic livelihood security recipients, Group leader(1 person per group of 20)


ProgramRegularGroupSpecial offerInquiry
Lumina Night Walk6,000KRW5,000KRW2,000KRW (Expo park ticket/Performance Ticket holders)054) 740-3960
※opening hours : Sunset~22:00(Operating hours vary by season)
Realistic VR Studio 1 time : 2,000KRW / 2 times : 4,000KRW /
3 times : 5,000KRW
054) 740-3966
Saemaeul Tourist Train3,000KRW
(Operating hours vary by season)
054) 740-3950
Craft Experience5,000KRW ~15,000KRW
(Depends on program)
< Hyangdo >
20,000KRWPlease make inquires by telephone5,000KRW
(Gyeongju citizen)
054) 740-3800
Show time : 19:00 every Tueday ~ Saturday

Separately charged progeams may vary depending on situation

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Information Center at Main Gate

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