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CI (Corporate Identity)


Symbol Mark

경주세계문화엑스포 심볼마크

What is the symbol of the Gyeongju World Culture Expo? The "Gyeongju World Culture Expo" emblem has the basic motif of the Taegeuk pattern and the shape of an artifact from the Unified Silla era in the shape of a face. The Taegeuk symbolizes Korea, while the smooth and generous eyes, the gentle smile, and the facial expression embracing all of this express the image of the millennial capital, Gyeongju. The red and blue Taegeuk shows the fusion of Korean culture and world culture, and the golden color of the facial artifact highlights the desire of Gyeongju to stand as one of the great centers of 21st century culture.
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Dedicated logotype

경주세계문화엑스포 로고

The logo type Together with the symbol mark, is specially designed as one of the important basic elements that form the core of the Gyeongju World Culture Expo. The logo type is designed to convey the image of the expo through the name of Gyeongju World Culture Expo. It is designed in consideration of the unity and combination with the symbol mark.
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경주세계문화엑스포 마스코트

The mascot was inspired by the concept of the ancient Hwarang warriors and Princess Seonhwa.
The "Gyeongju World Culture Expo" mascot was created to introduce the spirit of the Hwarang and Wonhwa, based on tradition and ideology of the Korean people, including those of Gyeongju. The Hwarang is expressed via the image of a boy. The bright smile and the white Silla traditional costume symbolize a warm and pure heart and cultural pride, while the bird feathers and arrow symbolize our desire for adventure and global connection. Wonhwa does portrays a different vibe from Hwarang, with the feminine sincerity of an older sister, while her bright young smile and white costume similarly show the warm and pure Korean heart and cultural pride.
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