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2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

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  • Into the SillaGyeongju Tower was built in the shape of a nine-story wooden pagoda of Hwangnyongsa Temple, which was the world's highest wooden structure during the reign of Queen Seondeok. A time trip to Seorabeol 1300 years ago at its top.

    신라천년, 미래천년
  • Timeless Media Art Golden crown, Seokguram, Bell of Great King Sungdeok .. World cultural heritages of Gyeongju revive with state-of-the-art cultural technology, stimulating the five senses of visitors and guiding them to eternal Silla.

    타임리스 미디어아트
  • Lumina Night WalkThe nation's first ever bare foot only Dulle-gil! At night, a fantastic exploration of light led by myths and legends of Silla begins.

    루미나 나이트 워크
  • INFINITY FLYINGThe world's first robotic arm 3D hologram performance! Fantasy performance we've never experienced.

    인피니티 플라잉

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  • - Realistic VR StudioVR studio, SNS streaming studio using chromakeySeokguram HMD Travel, VR Albatros, 4d Cube, etc. VR Experience Hall

    실감 VR 스튜디오
  • - Culture, the key to our future exhibition(Solgeo Art Museum)Presenting a new vision and establishing the identity of the LIVE art museum by highlighting traditional culture and modern aesthetics

  • Performance from overseas host countries and sister cites, Performance by local artists


  • 경주세계문화엑스포기념관

  • 에밀레

  • 쥬라기로드

  • 또봇정크아트뮤지엄

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