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Silk Road Gyeongju 2015

유라시아 문화특급 실크로드 경주 2015 8.21_10.18(59일간)


Establish a platform for the exhibition of cultural heritage through promotion of cultural diversity, exchanges and cooperation, as well as the promotion of the humanities and spiritual culture by establishing a foundation for a re-examination of Silla culture and establishing material exchanges and cooperation centered around culture with countries along the Silk Road

NameSilk Road Gyeongju 2015
ThemeA unique voyage through Eurasian culture
PeriodAug. 21 ~ Oct. 18, 2015 (59 days)
VenueGyeongju World Culture Expo Park, Gyeongju City, within the Bomun Tourist Complex
Participating Countries (Participants)48 countries (10,000 people)
Visitors1.45 million
Sponsored byGyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju City
Organized byGyeongju World Culture Expo Organizing Committee

Main events

event namesevent details
Official EventsOpening / Closing Ceremonies, National Day Ceremonies (9 countries)
Main eventsEncounters between civilizationsSilk Road Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar, Parade, Participating country performances, Participating country puppet shows), Silk Road/Road of Gold - Golden Road 21, FLYing: a Hwarang Expedition, Silk Road Animation, Silk Road Realism Exhibition, East and West Music Festival, Silk Road Sounds
The Kingdom of Gold, SillaSilla's Golden Culture and Buddhist Art, Silk Road Jewelry in Korean TV Dramas, Seokguram HMD Travel Experience Pavilion, Silk Road Artifact Exhibition, Basilla, Solgeo Art Museum
Harmony CourtyardKorean People’s Culture Pavilion, Saemaeul New Village Movement Pavilion, Illumination Show, Drone Experience, Lee Young-hee Hanbok Fashion Show, Kim Duk-su Samulnori & Tuche Philharmonic Orchestra, 2015 Performing Arts Festival, Convergence Culture Festival, Arirang Taekwonmu Marital Arts Dance
Linked EventsJurassic Road, K-POP Cover Dance, Hallyu Dream Festival, SUN (Sikroad University Network) Event, Silk Road College Student Culture Exhibition, 3rd Korean-Turkish Literature Symposium, Opera: Jukjirang, The marriage of two towers, the dream of a thousand years, a joint project between universities who have signed MOUs, the Hope for Unification Music Festival, the ancient capital of the Silk Road
Gyeongju City EventsSilk Road City Arts Festival, Paparotti Music Competition Music Festival, Creative Musicals: Gowoon Choi Chiwon, Silk Road Youth Culture and Arts Festival, Silla Story Book Fair
Other eventsWeb drama 9 Seconds, Digital duty free shop promotion hall