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Istanbul in Gyeongju 2014

  • Istanbul - Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013 Part 2 (Complete Edition)
    • Turkey's special affection for Korea
    • Content that targets a specific audience
    • Spur interest in the world of Korea (and Koreans)
  • Global leadership characterized by creativity and challenges
    • the historical and cultural city of Gyeongju, raising domestic and overseas brand value
    • Discovering pride in Gyeongbuk, confirming that it is the main source of Korean culture
      • Northern region: Confucian culture
      • Southern region: Buddhist culture
      • A prime source of spiritual culture: Yoo Bul Seon, Kukhak, Cheondogyo, Protestantism
  • The largest foreign cultural event in Istanbul's history
    • with over 300 artists and performers dispatched to Gyeongju
    • Large budget allocation of 12 billion won (27 programs in 10 fields)
  • Performances embodying the essence of Istanbul’s culture held across the country in Seoul (Seongnam, theater Yong) and Busan
  • Total number of cumulative visitors over 11 days was over 800,000,
    • far greater than the 500,000 initially expected
    • A major cultural festival building on the Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013's success!
    • 791,000 visitors from Sept 12 to Sept. 22
  • Establishment of a national-level human network
    • A new push for globalization from the regions
  • Support from the central government to the provinces
  • Resurrection of the New Silk Road.
    • participation from Silk Road countries such as China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Turkey
    • Participation of major domestic and foreign art and culture artists (Park Bum-hoon, Lee Young-hee, Kim Duk-su)