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Istanbul - Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013

Event nameEvent details
Main eventsOfficial eventsOpening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony
PerformanceFLYing, ‘Land of the New Country, Silla’, K-Pop Performance, Joint Performance of Korean-Turkish Orchestra, World Folk Performance Festival, Gilnori Parade, Taekwondo Demonstration Performance, B-boy + Fusion Performance
ExhibitionsKorean Cultural Center, Korean-Turkish Art Joint Exchange Exhibition, Korean Representative Photographer Photo Exhibition, Gyeongsangbuk-do Publicity Hall, Korean Corporate Promotion Hall
Visual exhibitions and ExperiencesKorean Film Festival, Korean-Turkish traditional culture experiences
Special eventsSilk Road Bazaar, Korean-Turkish traditional fashion show, Korea -Turkish Literature Symposium, Performances from different regions
Pre-festival eventsGyeongsangbuk-do Silk Road Expedition, NAVY CRUISE TRAINING
Ministry of Culture, Sports and TourismTurkey totem craft and photo exhibit, K-classic concert, Korean-Turkish traditional wrapping cloth exhibition, special exhibition of Korean cultural heritage reception, seminar, K-pop cover dance European finals, Korean-Turkish joint drama, Korean-Turkish Tae Kwon Do Exchagen Day Event, Korean Film Festival, Korean-Turkish Traditional Music Ensemble, Korean language / Korean Studies Contest
Linked EventsTurkish market opening road show, Korean wave product exhibition, Turkish Veterans of the Korean War appreciation event, GTEP export consultation session, K-food promotion hall