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Istanbul - Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013

  • 4.9 million visitors, a new epoch in World Cultural Heritage Marketing
    • secured a festival venue in the center of the historical district of Isthe world's fifth most visited tourist city with 11 million tourists per year
    • Constructed festival venues in Aya Sofia, Sultan Ahmet and Eminönü Square, areas traversed by more than 1 million people per day, to provide natural exposure to Korean culture
  • Transformed the ancient silk road into a digital silk road in the 21st century.
    • Constructed sister city : friendship monuments in the main cities along the
      • Silk Road: Xi'an, Samarkand, Isfahan, Istanbul (4 cities)
      • Relating to the major countries of the Silk Road as strategic partners
  • Promoting Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju as cultural hubs!
    • Co-promotion of Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju-si by Istanbul and the Culture Expo, the gathering place of Eastern and Western civilizations
    • Focus on reporting by international media such as CNN and local media such as TRT
  • Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013 announced the declaration
    • of a peace message to the world as part of a co-declaration by both Korea and Turkey to promote world peace and the common prosperity of humanity: Translated into 11 languages and sent to international organizations such as UNESCO
    • Pursuit of cultural diversity through glocalization, restoration of the value of life through vitalism, and universal open culture through interdependency
  • Presenting a vision of the cultural content industry → A new model that leads to the restoration of history, cultural fusion, and economic exchanges.
    • Emphasize 'historicality' of events through shared silk road history rather than promote as just cultural events
    • Major participation in the economic realm to make full use of the effects of the Korea-Turkey FTA.
      • World-leading product exhibition, Korea Corporate Promotion Hall, GTEP Export Fair, Korea Content Promotion Agency
    • Expansion of exchanges between literary circles in both countries through the "Literature Symposium“
  • Simultaneous promotion of traditional culture and popular culture → the mature stage of Korean Wave
    • Enthusiastic reception seen through long lines for traditional culture experiences such as trying on Hanbok, deploy charm of traditional performances such as Samulnori
      • create a festival centered around the Korean traditional culture
      • Confirmation of synergy between traditional culture and popular culture
        • * More than 10,000 people gathered for K-POP performances from Turkey and neighboring countries
  • Corporate marketing effect
    • The first Korean product exhibition in Turkey as a new chapter in Korean-Turkish business relations: Participation from 99 leading small and medium sized companies in the world-leading product exhibition (organized by KOTRA, with 12 companies from Gyeongsangbuk-do), with over 1300 business consultations.
    • POSCO Promotion Hall, Korea Creative Content Agency, etc
      • Some 64,000 people visited the POSCO pavillion generating a new push for the Korean Wave and the Korea Creative Content Agency’s dramas, animations, and games.