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2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

Event nameEvent Details
Main EventsOfficial eventsSpecial Day, Closing Ceremony, My town’s culture festival - city/provincial/county culture days
PerformancesMain Performances(FLYing), Special Performances (Land of the New Country - Smile 2), World Dance Festival, B-boy Festival, Street Performances, World Puppetry Festival, Korean College Student Dance Festival, Local Performance Team Performances
VideoTheme videos (Byeokrucheon), Gyeongju Tower multimedia show (concurrent with World Music Festival), 3D Fantasy World
Exhibitiontheme exhibition (The story of a heavenly maiden), Kids Character Zone, World Folk Doll Exhibition, Special Exhibitions, World Cultural Museum, World Fossil Museum
Ancillary EventsSilla costume experience, creating a tower of hope, making a goblin bridge, sending a Christmas card, World Folk Arts Square
Gyeongju City FestivalKBS national song contest, special night performances, multicultural festival, nation Taekwonmu contest, lantern lighting, etc.
Linked EventsSilla Studies International Conference, World Buddhist Culture Exhibition, Classical Architecture Model Exhibition, Special Exhibition on Haedongseoseong Kim Saeng, Love for Dokdo Promotion Exhibition, the World’s Best Circus