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2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

  • Established firmly as Korea's representative national festival
    • towards an Edutainment Expo, based 13 years of know-how and infrastructure In terms of contents and size, rated as the best event of its kind ever.
  • "FLYing", "Land of the new country", "Multimedia show", "3D textured image" combine cutting-edge technology with global competitiveness and New Silla culture based on smart contents at a global level Assessed as a demonstration of the global competence of Silla culture and transformation of world-class smart technology into beautiful art and cultural content
  • The very best cultural festival infrastructure within a high-tech cultural space including the Premium Expo
    • Gyeongju Tower and Expo Cultural Center, together with a pleasant visiting environment throughout the park via the Silla Wanggyeong Forest and stream. Publicly accessible facilities targeted at specific groups and the disabled.
    • Praised for maximizing visitor satisfaction as a premium festival combining the best content with the best cultural infrastructure.