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Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2007

  • Positioned the festival firmly as a global premium culture brand based on a perfectly
    • developed culture base, the Gyeongju EXPO has been recognized as one of the greatest and biggest premium festivals based on the accumulated know-how of the last four festivals by domestic and foreign press
  • Suggesting the possibility of the industrialization of traditional culture, high technology local culture
    • the Gyeongju Tower Multimedia Show and 3D videos based on local themes bring together local cultural assets and advanced technology such as IT and CT and were evaluated as a new stepping stone for cultural industry development
  • Establish infrastructure as a cultural theme park at an international level and establish
    • a foundation for the opening of Expo Park based on event plans.
      • Gyeongju Tower, Expo Cultural Center, Wanggyeong Forest etc. hardware
      • CT Experience Hall, Digital Culture Circular Exhibition, 3D videos software

        ※ When selecting '07 EXPO program composition, the potential for events to be staged on an on-going basis was considered

    • A foundation for self-sustaining management and international branding can be created from events staged on an on-going basis