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2003 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

2003 경주세계문화엑스포


Based on the mythical imagination that is the source of Silla's millennial history and all creativity, the expo aims to maximize the cultural capacity of the Korean people to lead the 21st century of human reconciliation and coexistence through multicultural communication. To firmly establish a foundation for the creation of a epoch-leading global cultural theme park representing Korea, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongju

Name2003 Gyeongju World Culture Expo
ThemeThe Dream of the Pegasus
PeriodAug 13~Oct 23, 2003 (72 days)
VenueGyeongju World Culture Expo Park and Gyeongju City
Participating countries: (Participants)56 Countries (10,000 people)
Visitors2 million visitors
Hosted by Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju
Organized by Gyeongju 2003 World Culture Expo Organizing Committee