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2003 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

Event nameEvent details
Main and auxiliary eventsCreating dreams and affection together (main exhibition), Emile - sound of the millennium (main performance), Dream of the Pegasus - Hwarang Hero Giparangjeon (main video)
Official EventsOpening Ceremony, National Day events, City Day events, Closing Ceremony
International EventsTogether but different (World Performing Arts Festival), A World Created through Dreams (World Puppet Play Festival), Cultural Diversity and Shared Values (International Conference), Gyeongju International Youth Culture Festival
Participation EventsNanjangteugi, Millennial Myths II, Stories of the Three Kingdoms (Computer Game), Cheonma to Mashimaro (World Character Animation Exhibition), College Culture Festival (Cheyung madang Event), City/county culture introduction day events, special exhibition, Harmony in Diversity (Parade)
Special EventsAnimal Vision (Advanced Video Hall), God and Humanity, Eros’ Aesthetics (Sex Culture Special Exhibition), Russia Bolshoi Circus Invitation Performance, World Flea Market, Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, Multi Effects Show (Saturday Stage), Totem Pole production and experience
City eventsFestivalsFestival eve event (citizen festivals), shopping festivals, the 31st Silla Cultural Festival
Promotional eventslantern making and lighting, exploring Namsan ruins
Exhibition performanceCity Night performances, Nakdong Song Festival, Korean Wind Music Festival, Silla Historic Site Poetic Paintings photo exhibition, Reproduction of a Joseon procession
Experience eventsSilla earthenware production and stone inscription rubbing experience, Korean archery experience, Touring Gyeongju following in the footsteps of fairy tales
Special performance at nightSpecial performance at night (Korean traditional art performance), new performances: The Cry of the Millennium (outdoor opera), Dream of Joseon (creative musical)