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2000 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

Event nameEvent Details
Events related to the main and other themesExhibition of cultural images (Brilliant light, disappearing culture!), Theme video (In the breath of Seorabeol!), Theme exhibition (Following the light of the east!), Theme performance: (Dosolga - Zarathustra Thus Said!)
Official eventsOpening Ceremony, National Days, City/Province Days, Closing Ceremony
ASEM related eventsAsia Europe Performing Arts Festival, Asia Europe Forum, European Film Festival, Asia Europe Youth Artist Painting Competition (theme: Millennium in my dreams)
Youth Participation EventsThree Kingdoms Cultural Computer Game "Millennial Myth", International Youth Culture Camp (Theme: Youth, Culture and Encounters), Cyber Character Show (Theme: Dancing with Cyber Characters!), Indian Squad Exploration, World Puppet Play Festival, College and youth festivals
Events for the elderlyFolk performances, Cheyung performances, Korean Thanksgiving grand festival, 'Silla Millennial Dance' creative performance organized by the National Theater, 'Korean traditional music performance' organized by the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Chinese artistic performances (paid performance)
Special eventsSpecial exhibitions of cultural products (theme: The breath of culture embedded in products!), Special exhibitions of people and virtue (theme: The new value of the new millennium, Confucianism!), Special exhibition on old tribal artists (theme: An open space for a warm encounter!) Special museum exhibit: (Theme: Beautiful Silla roof tiles, the breath of the millennium!), Outdoor opera 'Shadowless Tower' (paid performance), Total theater performance ‘Wooroowang’, organized by the National Theater (free performance)
Other eventsCity/province Halls, Overseas Sister Regions Hall, World Festival Parade and Street Performance, Special Exhibition, Silla History International Conference, Jazz Performance, Butterfly release, Silk Road Exploration
City eventsCitizen festivals, weekend night performances, exploration of Namsan ruins, music festival of the new millennium, North Korean movie screening, night kite flying, photo exhibition of poetic photos of Silla ruins, shopping festival, Silla earthenware festival, Lantern making and lighting