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2000 Gyeongju World Culture Expo


Key Outcomes

  • Establishment of a solid reputation as an international event in participating countries, by attracting foreign visitors with relevant event content
    • Joint events with international organizations such as ASEMIII, ASEF and UNESCO.
    • Following the Daejeon Expo in Korea, attracted the most foreign visitors of any event in Korea (Daejeon Expo 640,000, Culture Expo 130,000)
  • Attempts to integrate culture with cutting-edge science and technology as well as build up
    • cultural infrastructure in cities/province with Virtual Reality (VR) Movie theaters, cyber characters, computer games, etc.
  • Promote cultural status of Gyeongbuk (Gyeongju) and external image promotion through cultural exposition.
    • Overseas media coverage: 190 media outlets from 21 countries (289 journalists)
    • National Day events (20 countries), City/Province Day events (15 cities/provinces)
    • Asia and Europe Forum held: 50 people from 25 countries - Adopted "Gyeongju Declaration on Cyber Culture"
  • Promoted local culture creation effect and enjoyment of culture among local residents
    • with 13 exhibitions, 81 performances by 6,641 people, and 11 residents’ festivals
    • City events (9): Weekend night performances, North Korean movie screenings, European film festivals, etc
  • Participate in various classes, such as youth and college students 1,140 students from 15 provincial universities, including youth and university students, 350 students from 45 teams of national hip-hop contest.
  • Establishment of a permanent festival platform by accumulating cultural infra structure
    • KRW 27.7 billion in cash and fixed assets
  • Ripple effect of economic and cultural industry (Dongguk University School of Tourism)
    • Production inducement of KRW 318.2 billion, income generation of KRW 77.7 billion, employment creation for 22 thousand persons