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1998 Gyeongju World Culture Expo

Event nameEvent Details
Pre-festival eventsMake a theme song, Bomun Avant-garde Arts Festival
Official eventsEve of the festival, Opening and Closing ceremonies, National Day events
Performance EventsHuman Harmony Music Festival, World Folk Performances, World Puppet Play Festival
Additional events and performancesMillennium capital parade, street performances, outdoor sculpture and modern dance encounter, Baekgyeol Performance Stage Special Exhibit, Cheyung performance, folk performance event, participant talent festival, national harmony festival, millennial culture and book special performance, Music festival, Hanbok fashion shows, Other events
ExhibitionNew Millennium Smile Hall, World Civilization Hall, World Folk Arts Plaza, Friendship House
House of Friendship Special ExhibitionsExhibition of the scent of the millennium, exhibition of photos on UNESCO cultural heritage, exhibition of natural dyeing art, big smile exhibition, Korea handicrafts association exhibit, exhibition on songs of life from writers of medium standing, photo exhibition on contemporary art from Italy, exhibition on the past and present of ceramics, Gyeongbuk art association contemporary art exhibition, outdoor sculpture symposium, flower arrangement exhibition