SUN(Silkroad University Networks)

Event Inaugural Assembly, Academic Symposium, Culture and Arts Festival, and SUNThrough this academic symposium, participants will discuss their similarities, the uniqueness of the Silk Road cultural area, the future direction of SUN, and suggest SUN's core values and main goals.

Event Outline

  • Title : SUN (Silk Road University Networks) - Inaugural Assembly
  • Duration: 8.21 ~ 8.24
  • Location: The General Assembly and the Symposium are at the Hyundai Hotel, the Orchestra and the Exhibition are at the Event Hall.
  • Participants
    • So far 32 Universities from Silk Road Countries have Agreed to Send Representatives
    • Approximately 50 Universities in Total will be Participating
  • Hosted and Organized by: Gyeongsangbuk-Do, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


  • An Inaugural Assembly for Silk Road University Networks (August 22nd)
  • An Inaugural Assembly for Silk Road Symposium [IASS] and Academic Conference (August 22nd and 23rd)
  • Silk Road Union Orchestra Concert (August 23rd)
    • Performances by: Hanyejong performance group, International students, Duksoo Kim Samulnori (Traditional Korean percussion quartet) and more
  • Silk Road University Culture Exhibit (SUZ) (August 22nd to 24th)
    • Event Outline: Promoting the cities and universities of the participants, introducing the different cultures of the participants (clothing, food and more)
    • Location : At the Wanggyungsup Forest